Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Thrift Haul

The other day I went shopping at a thrift store and found soooooo many nice pieces. I never used to think that I would be able to find nice secondhand clothing. Before I would have thought it as a waste of time  to scour the racks and find nothing but ugly tops and mom jeans. But then I discovered DIYs. ;)

At first I walked into the store and smelt a weird odor. A thick kind of musky scent. I now call it Thrift store odor. I walked around and sort of skimmed through one rack to see if I can find anything. I then saw this nice fall tweed jacket that I had been eyeing last year at H&M, and it was my size "OMG!" I grabbed it and thought "What other treasures can I find?" I found a long sleeve top, three sleeveless blouses, a little black dress, a pair of shorts, two blazer sweaters, a jean jacket, which will become a vest and jeans that I will turn into shorts. Believe it or not I only spent $25. TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS!

So, essentially, I went nuts. And I'm about to go bananas at the end of this week because they are having a 99 cent sale. Stay tuned for that haul ;)

For now my pictures suck because it is 1:30 am in the morning and I am very tired and want to go to sleep. Goodnight zzzzz

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