Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bright Pink!

Mother Nature can't make up her mind. Yesterday supposedly was supposed to rain all day. It seemed pretty ugly when I woke up in the morning but the afternoon got nicer when I went to go meet my friend for a photoshoot. It ended being hot and I kept sweating throughout the shoot.

Afterwards we went to a Nikon Lecture with Michelle Valberg. A photographer who traveled 27 times to the Arctic and took amazing photographs of wildlife and the people who live there. I was actually so intrigued. She spoke of how she got certain surprising shots, like the reflection in the water of a whale's tail, thousands of walrus' running into the water and a hot air balloon in the sky between two mountains. Her pictures were stunning, I wanted to become a professional photographer.

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  1. i really love that necklace!

  2. gorgeous outfit

  3. lovely outfit!! especially the necklace and those shoes!;)

    xx Vivi

  4. Thanks so much! Saw the cinema outfit you put together. Love the cardigan