Monday, May 13, 2013

Nutmeg, Milk, Origins Overnight Mask & Google

Yesterday I did some research on blackheads and natural exfoliation masks that can help get rid of them. I Googled "naturally get rid of blackheads", and the fist thing that came up was I tried the #1 way because she swore by it. Nutmeg and buttermilk. I poured 1 teaspoon of milk and 1 teaspoon of nutmeg into a cup and mixed it. Immediately the substance became a thick paste, so I poured a little more milk into the mix to thin it out. I then washed my face clean, as well as my hands, and used my hands to spread the mixture onto my face. As I started rubbing it into areas where I felt I had the most blackheads, the tip of my nose, around my nose and my forehead, it started to burn...a lot. I left it there for about 3 to 5 minutes and could not take the burning anymore so I washed it off with lukewarm water. When I dried my face I saw that all the blackheads had disappeared.

I also had done some research on what everyone, including Nylon Magazine, had sworn by. It wasn't a remover of blackheads but a thirst quencher for your face. Origins Overnight Mask. I put it on after I had dried my face from the nutmeg and milk and applied a small amount. After a few minutes of laying in my bed and thinking about my successful night at removing all my blackheads, I wanted to take a look at my beautiful spot free face. I got up went into the washroom and looked into the mirror and realized that my damn blackheads were back. This time they were not as prominent, but they were still there. I started thinking that maybe I did not scrub enough. So I washed off the Overnight mask reapplied another layer of nutmeg and milk, and scrubbed a little harder. Again I went around my nose, at the tip of my nose and then on my forehead. I washed it off, and they were gone again, but I was concerned that they would reappear.

Right after, I Googled "my blakcheads are back", and unfortunately I do not remember the site that I found the information from, but it talked about Sebaceous Filaments, and how many people confuse it with being blackheads. I of course Googled "sebaceous filaments", and on one site it explained it as being "an oily substance that prevents moisture loss from hair and skin." Which is not necessarily a bad thing because without it your skin becomes dry and flaky.

So after a night of experiments, I discovered that my blackheads were not blackheads after all and the nutmeg and milk did work for a while. I would use again (maybe twice a week) just to clear the dead skin. The overnight mask I will for sure use again (twice a week as well). I usually wake up and I feel like my face is itchy and dry. The mask made my face look smoother and less shiny, I did not wake up scratching. However, in the morning, my now sebaceous filaments, look less apparent and have disappeared from my forehead and the sides of my nose. 
Not bad!

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