Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Search for the Perfect Scent: Day 2

The search for my perfect scent continued yesterday as I hit another department store prowling the counters sampling every perfume. A very nice (and cute) sales associate offered to help me and asked what perfume am I wearing at the moment. I told him Euphoria by Calvin Klein, which he complimented, and then took me over to another counter to sample some perfumes that he recommended.

The first one I sampled was Amour by Kenzo. It's not too sweet and it's a soft fragrance that stayed on all day and night. I even got a whiff of it in the morning when I woke up.

The next was Dahlia Noir by Givenchy. I already had Givenchy (Irresistible) before, and I was trying to stay away from designer fragrances that I have already owned, such as Dior and Lancome. But he insisted, so I went ahead and turned my palm over.

Lately, very sweet and fruity fragrances have been starting to give me headaches, but this one, even though it was quite sweet at first, smelt wonderful on me later on. At the time he made me choose which perfume I had liked better and I had chosen Kenzo. But as time passed I liked how the Givenchy ended up smelling. It was a great fragrance that I thought could be very nice during the summer.

After sampling, he tried to sell me the Dahlia Noir, because that was the one he had liked the most. I felt bad, but nicely said that I was not ready to purchase a fragrance yet. He was not mad or annoyed at all, which was refreshing. Instead he secretly gave me a whole bunch of free samples to try out at home.

Seems like I got competition for Gucci Premiere. When I got home later, I sampled Gucci Premiere and thought it was a perfume to wear going out at night. Dinner, dancing or somewhere fancy. For now, I will keep Dahlia Noir on the top of my list of possibilities and probably put Gucci Premiere second runner up. Then again, maybe I can buy both to use on different occasions. ;)