Thursday, August 18, 2011

New York fashion Week Coundown : 22 days left

22 Days left until New York Fashion Week. Very excited to see what's in store for next summer, which is kind of ironic since this summers almost done. I'm excited to see Diane Von Furstenberg, Charlotte Ronson, Tracy Reese and L.A.M.B. Which shows are you looking forward to seeing?

Leggings, Jeggings, Jeans & Cigarettes

A few years ago, marked the return of the 80s. Leg warmers were back in fashion with all the girls playing up the style in different colours, lengths and graphics. Leggings and tights were very in and were being worn as pants even in the winter. Everyone looked at it as the return of the 80s, which no one ever thought would make its way back into modern fashion.

As the trend died down, and people who wore leg warmers began to look weird again, leggings still stood strong and started to become a significant classic piece in every woman’s wardrobe. These days, you can’t go out without seeing at least one girl with a pair of leggings on. They all have it! I myself have ten pairs of black leggings, some with different details and styles, and am now thinking of investing in a few more pairs of gray.

With the leggings in, the skinny jean appeared, formally known as the cigarette pants. Many thought the trend wouldn’t last, but it’s still here and very popular with women of every age. The skinny jean is possible to find in different styles and colours including, high waist, low waist, mid-rise, torn, faded, dark blue, folded at the ankle, super skinny and so on. Even work wear clothing has turned wide leg dress pants into skinny dress pants for a more polished and tailored look. (Skinny pants emphasize the legs by making them appear longer, especially when a sexy heel is worn with them. Wear a pair of high waist jeans with it, and you’ll appear even taller.)

As the skinny jeans started to get more and more popular, many women still had problems finding the right fit in jeans. Along walked in the jeggings and saved the day. Also known as the jean legging, the name was recently shortened as a sign of the times. Jeggings come in many shapes, sizes, styles, colours and patterns, and the best part is that it fits everybody without having to wear a belt. I say, “God bless the man that came up with such a genius idea.”

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Ella Moss Collection

Don’t Miss Must Have Pieces from the Ella Moss Collection on

Its bohemian chic style and distinctive flare for fashion trends is what makes Ella Moss really stand out. This 2011 Spring/Summer season captured abstract printed tank tops, skirts and dresses, all made of lightweight fabrics to wear during the blistering heat. The use of subtle bright colors mixed in with shades of gray made the collection all the more wearable as it can be easily styled with anything from every woman’s wardrobe. Mix bohemian chic with work attire by wearing a blazer over a loose tank top and flared pants. Too hot! Then wear a pair of jean shorts or tights, and any top piece from the collection will fit perfectly. Style your outfits with accessories such as a fedora hat, which is really in, big pieces of jewelry that catch the eye, and some walking sneakers, fancy sandals or flip flops.

Editors let us know that bohemian style was back this summer, and that there was no need to be frightened. Not only was the maxi dress popular with tiny girls, but everything bohemian was here to stay. Bohemian patterns, loose fitted sheer tank tops were in. And this season must have and favorite, the romper (or the jumpsuit) was most popular as carefree and more confident women walked around knowing that the wind will never catch this one.

Summer is still not over and you still have time to pick out a few items for your closet from Ella Moss. With more than 50% off the Spring/Summer Collection you will definitely find something you’ll adore. Just log onto and start shopping.

The New Fall 2011 Collection has arrived, so don’t forget to check out

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Alice & Olivia Fall 2011 Collection

A year ago, I was at the Payless shoe store with my friend Sabrina and saw a pair of Alice & Olivia shoes for 60$. I was so poor at the time, I couldn't even purchase them. I was so sad and to this, I wish I had them. This season, I'm wondering what piece i should buy from their new Fall 2011 Collection. There's so much to choose from, I can't pick. What's your favorite piece?

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Zoe Saldana Style

One of my favorite actresses, and stylish faves, has a new movie coming out soon. Be sure to look out for Zoe Saldana's new movie Colombiana, out on August 26, where she is the main character kicking ass to seek revenge on those who killed her father.