Thursday, June 9, 2011

Killer Ads

Open up any magazine and your sure to catch many of the striking advertisements displayed. For a longtime ads were spread out all over the place in an attempt to get consumers buying. The attempt is still the same, but with ads that look more like editorial spreads.

Sorry... My mistake

About two weeks or so ago, I told you guys to look out for French Vogue Mai issue. I said that Isabeli Fontana was on the front cover, but I made a mistake. It was actually Kate Moss on the front cover for Mai. Sorry. The June cover belongs to Isabeli Fontana, and Canadians can look out for that one at the end of this month. French Vogue with Kate Moss on the front cover is now on sale in Canada.

Part 3: First Night Out

It's your first night out of town on vacation with your friends and you want to make a statement. You want people to look at you and say 'Damn she looks good'. So you have permission to definitely go all out for this one.

Whether on a beach vacation or in the city, wear something flashy. A mini dress with bold patterns or sparkly sequins that make your dress light up when you're dancing is perfect for this occasion. If you're going for a skirt, try wearing one that makes a bold statement. Or you can go for a plain skirt with an interesting top.

Jewelry is key for this night and big bold bright (BBB) colourful pieces is exactly what's in for the summer season. Avoid wearing little pieces of jewelry and don't be shy to mix and match. This season is all about mixing and matching prints anyway. A little clutch purse is perfect to bring along as well to keep money, I.D., Lipstick and keys in.

Last but not least, shoes. The bigger the better. Spring/Summer 2011 had big shoes strutting down the catwalk, so make it an issue to start practicing your runway walk. You don't have to go crazy with Thierry Mugler shoes, unless you really want to, but a good heel or wedge is perfect for this night.

Be safe when out with friends and stick together at all times. Don't drink too much because with the shoes you all are wearing, it's going to be difficult to carry one drunk person home.

As usual, check out the pictures at the bottom to help you pack, and again I hope I've helped. Anything missing, just let me know.

Part 4: Day Two of vacation soon to come. ;)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Scusi, Black Model Coming Through

Gucci Spring/Summer 2011 campaign features model Joan Smalls in the season's latest must haves. Okay, so she's born in Puerto Rico...but...she is still a woman of colour and I like seeing that in fashion ads.
It wasn't her first time modeling for Gucci. The last campaign she did for the well known Italian designer brand was pre fall 2010, where she posed with Brazilian model Raquel Zimmerman & male model Nikola Jovanovic. This season featured once again Joan Smalls and Nikola Jovanovic along with Karmen Pedaru, Hailey Clauson and Gen Huismans.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Love Her or Hate Her

We may not have liked her in The City, but we can't deny she's got style. When socialite and model, Olivia Palermo, was on the show The City, I couldn't help but tune in to see what she was wearing next. Her style is so New York and whether you like her or not, I'm sure you wouldn't mind taking a peak into her closet. I know I wouldn't...heehee ;)