Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rachel Zoe Resort 2012 Collection

Famous and most in demand Fashion Stylist and now designer, Rachel Zoe, will have everyone going bananas when they see her new Resort Collection.
It's not your typical resort wardrobe with your traditional white, red and blue horizontal combination. This new collection consisted of long luxurious gowns in beige, red, blue and taupe colors, mini dresses, flared pants, military style jackets and jumpers. Rachel Zoe was definitely her own muse for this collection as it corresponded more to what Rachel Zoe would wear if she was going on a crews herself. Though people would probably not purchase her pieces for a boat ride, many would probably appreciate where they can wear them to, whether a fancy dinner party, at work or even a red carpet event.
I love the look of the collection because it's fun, simple, but chic, and so Rachel Zoe. Even though it's not my typical resort wear, not that I really have one, the collection will for sure do well with fans who die for Rachel Zoe.

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