Friday, June 3, 2011

Part 1: When On Ur Way

Here is the first part of what I feel is essential to have when on your way to your first vacation day.

Sandals: On a nice hot summer day you don't want to have to hassle to take your shoes off, especially if its hot outside. Have a nice pair of thong sandals or even a cute pair of Havaianas are perfect for travel.T-shirt or Tank top: Easy to put on, easy to take off. No need to go all out with a fancy shirt. Keep the fancy one for later that night.

Shorts or tights: No long jeans because there too tight, and if your like me, after a while of being in one place for a longtime you get No skirt either just for the reason that if you really want to stretch your legs, you don't want to show absolutely everything.

Small, and cute, bag: Everyone needs to put little things away, like keys, makeup, lip gloss, cream, money and phone...(another little list you might actually be in need of). A small bag is perfect for those tiny accessories.

Thin sweater: It may be hot outside, but inside the AC is on blast and you might get really cold and wished you brought that one sweater to keep you a little warm.

So there it is, the first part of vacation packing...if you feel I am missing anything for Part 1: When On Ur Way, just message me and let me know.

More to come soon from Part 2: Day One of Vacation.

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