Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Part 4: Day Two of Vacation

After a crazy time of partying, your vacation has still not come to an end yet, and the beach (or the city) is still calling out your name.

Take this time to get to know the city as if you lived in it yourself. Try new foods, step into one of a kind boutiques and, even though it may feel a little intimidating, hop on public transit to get to your destinations faster. Today is the a day to shop, sight see and to do things you've never done before.

For the city, you have permission to go all the way chic, but because of all the walking you might end up doing, you don't want to get stuck in 4 inch heels. If wearing heels is not even a question, then pack a pair of flats for when your feet start to get soar. Obviously shopping will be in the curriculum today, so try to wear clothes that would be easier to take off and put on when trying on merchandise. Mini or long skirt is perfect with a lace top or blouse. Don't for get to accessorize. ;)

For a beach vacation, this day might be laying out on the beach, playing volleyball, drinking mohitos and getting to know a few people. Do some fun activities like snorkling, water skiing, jumping off high cliffs into the water or tanning on a yacht ;). Today is all about having fun in the sun and you should really take advantage of it. If it's raining, try going on walks, eating at restaurants or taking a few tours around the city. No sulking because it's raining. You can have fun everyday.

Today is the day you can pull out your fancy bathing suit and sun hat. Dont forget sunscreen. Tanning maybe the aim of a beach vacation, but sun damage isn't. If it's raining you can always wear your bathing suit under your dress, or wear a pair of shorts with a tank top and flip flops. No shoes deserve to get damaged on a rainy day.

Remember have fun on your second day of your vacation. Summer will come to an end and you want this time to be memorable

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