Friday, February 8, 2013

Bargain hunter-aholic

So I have always been a bargain hunter, who gets excited, sometimes too excited when I see something i like on special. The other day I was at J.Crew and saw a pair of purple jeans on sale for $15. I would've bought them but I honestly did not need another pair of jeans considering my dresser is packed to the max. Last week I did a photoshoot in the snow at the University of Toronto with one of my photographers (you can check out some of her work on Considering the weather and the snow I think we got some good shots. Everything I wore that day I got at a discounted price. Jeans from Zara for $10, Shoes from Aldo for $30 and they are actually really comfortable, and a necklace from that I got as a gift from my sister from Forever 21. The metallic top is from Costa Blanca for $20 and the socks were a steal from T.J. Maxx for only $2.

Check out for more cool photos from the photographer.

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