Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Year's Eve...Options

So I was planning on spending New Year's Eve with my boyfriend at my place all while celebrating Christmas. Since he's been back from the military I thought it would be a great idea to stay in make a fancy dinner and open presents. But I, at the last minute, changed my mind as soon as I saw French Connection putting up new posters; forty percent off all regularly priced items. As I was thinking "I don't really need another dress," my feet brought me into FCUK anyway.

Mesh, sparkle, jersey, lace, knit and sheer dresses everywhere. Some with patterns and others with shine. I picked up a patterned dress and tried it on. After I got home and checked online, it was called the Sub Zero Wizard dress. It was a mini dress with cap sleeves and synched in at the waist. It almost resembled tiny feathered patterns in blue, pink and white. Unfortunately, I was able to convince myself that I did not need it because I had another dress that would work perfectly if I decided to go to a New Year's party. But I now cannot stop thinking about this dress. I've decided to shop around and here are just a few of the option I found while window shopping. ;)

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